In a slow real estate market, you can’t afford to stick a sign on your lawn and hope for the best. Your house is competing with every other property in your area and price range, and buyers have a lot to choose from.

The difference between whether someone is motivated to put in an offer now, or wait it out to see how low the price will go, is how much he or she really wants your house. When decorating your home to sell, remember that you are romancing prospective buyers.

Staging a home doesn’t mean removing all its existing furniture and redecorating it.  Staging is completely the opposite, going through your space and determining what will work and what will not. It might mean adding accessories and small furniture items to what already exists. Maximizing the appeal of the property to maximize the selling price is the ultimate goal!The most crucial part of where to begin is
The Consultation
During the first 4 seconds one decides whether or not they like something, the first impression of someone or the ambiance of our surroundings. That’s why a detailed look of where to begin and what needs to be done is necessary to create a solid plan of action. I work with you, presenting a package of what you choose and feel comfortable doing and what you prefer to have assistance with. You want the potential buyer to walk through the entry way imagining themselves already living there.
Partial Staging
Partial Staging is recommended for those who  have a strict budget.  I recommend having the main floor and perhaps the master bedroom staged so that the potential buyer walks into something warm and inviting.  Imagine yourself entering a vacant home.  What feeling do you get? Individuals are able to imagine themselves living in the staged space spending more time in each room. The main floor is what the buyer will remember especially when entering and exiting their potential new home.
Enhance your space
With this package, your home is de-cluttered and a combination of existing furniture and decor items will be used in conjunction with rental furnishings and props. This package works best for those who have a good foundation but could use a few extra items to help the sale of your property in today's real estate market. 
Build your space
This package is suitable for homes that are mostly empty or vacant.  A consultation is required to review and plan what needs to be done to create a look and feel of the existing architecture of the space.  
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